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Acoustics, decoration, projects, trends… We offer top quality products, technically excellent and with great aesthetic value. We listen to our customer, we share their love for beauty, creativity and good acoustics. We tell you all about it in our blog.


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In these months in which social distance has been imposed, we have realized how close we want to follow our clients. That is why from SPIGO it is not the time to set limits, we are sure that together we will be able to move forward because the best ideas are born from human contact and collaboration with our clients.

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Wood ceilings and cladding specially designed for closed spaces where aesthetics and acoustic conditioning require their best attributes.



Spigoplank wood decorative panels is Spigogroup’s most sophisticated and seductive collection, born of technological knowledge and passion for decoration.



They can assume different designs and coatings or present exclusive solutions for different projects responding to the trends of modern architecture.



Spigogroup division specially designed to offer sports furniture and a wide range of multifunctional products made of phenolic panel.



Spigoacustic is the system made up of linear sound-absorbent panels or acoustic panels designed to offer an optimum acoustic performance.



The wood has a place of honour between warm materials which are used to cover ceilings and walls. The warmth of this material becomes in optimum to big spaces, where a large number of people is gathered.


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Frecuent Questions

What is Spigoacustic?

Spigoacustic is the system made up of linear sound-absorbent panels or acoustic panels designed to offer an optimum acoustic performance. Depending on the sound absorption demands for each venue, the Spigoacustic system offers different models with different absorption capacities.

What is Spigotec?

Spigotec, wood false ceilings, wooden ceilings and wall coverings, is specially designed for enclosed spaces in which aesthetics and acoustic conditioning are earmarked as their best attributes.

What is Spigoline?

Spigoline is specially designed to offer maximum versatility for all solid wood slats.

It can be used in interior and exterior ceilings and walls, on concave, convex and undulated surfaces, in a vertical, horizontal or inclined position.

What is Spigocompac?

Division of Spigogroup specially designed to offer sport furniture and a wide variety of multifunctional products.

These products are manufactured with phenolic panel.

What is Spigodoor?

Our Spigodoor technical doors range is complementary to the rest of the ranges from Spigogroup.

What is Spigoart?

Spigoart is an acoustical solution formed by acoustic pictures or acoustic wooden sound-absorbent which are hung like pictures.

What is Spigoplank?


Our most sincere thanks to all the professionals and private clients who entrust their wood projects to our firm, because they drive us to improve every day. Your support makes us better people and increases our commitment to moving forward by offering quality technical products that meet the requirements of any desired project.