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Responsabilidad Social Corporativa


Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Our Commitment: Build relationships, add value

Spigogroup understands the Corporate Social Responsibility in this way:

To SPIGOGROUP, Corporate Social Responsibility consists in incorporating the strategy and management of the company, the social, economic and environmental concerns of its stakeholder group. On the basis of closer dialogue with them, the firm expands a real and verifiable pledge with the social cohesion, respect for the environment, the company ethic form and the transparency.

To be successful in the longer-term, our principal goal is to make our work under the perspective to generate value for our stakeholders. We always try to anticipate the expectations and the trends through the innovation and continuous improvement.

In SPIGOGROUP, we invest in trusted relationships

Towards our customers, we wish to contribute to their excellence and success, that’s why we focus our efforts to build up significant and fruitful relationships. We are always looking for having and offering different points of view in order to provide the highest quality level of service available. In Spigogroup, we share our know-how and bring new ideas and diverse solutions to create value in the long-term.

Likewise, we understand that our major competitive advantage reside in the people who forms Spigogroup and, because of, one of our main goals is attract, retain, train and motivate to the best professionals, while supporting their personal and professional development.

Dialogue with our stakeholders:

Our commitment is a bet of future which requires a daily effort to make the difference. It will make us into the leader firm of technical products and conditioning acoustical solutions.

We bank on creating and disseminating of knowledge. We survey our main customers each year to analyze their satisfaction degree. We participate and collaborate in social ceremonies and projects and we put us in our clients’ position in order to innovate our solutions.

These attempts are fascinating for everybody who works in Spigogroup. We wish to share this route with you and, thus, we would like to know your opinion and suggestions in order to continue improving in our activity and building a sustainable leadership.

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