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On Wednesday, 6 February 2013, this Spigogroup wood architecture, decoration and acoustics blog saw the light. From the beginning we knew that it was a major project, that it would require effort, but we also knew that it would give us a lot of satisfaction. And this has been the case.

This is our 300th post. Every single Wednesday we have unceasingly dealt with the subjects that define our activities: wood solutions for acoustic conditioning and aesthetic improvement of interiors, wood technical doors and phenolic sports furniture. We have contributed a lot of technical information, we have shown some of our best projects and we have reviewed what some of the great names in contemporary architecture do with wood. It has also helped you to learn a little more about our products and brands: Spigoacustic acoustic panels, Spigotec false wood ceilings, Spigocompac phenolic lockers and cabins, Spigodoor acoustic doors and fire doors, Spigoart picture acoustic islands, and the Spigoline decorative and acoustic solutions with wooden slats.

Our wood architecture, decoration and acoustics blog has been the starting point of many messages, comments and queries that you have sent us through our chat and our pages and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+ Keep doing it. We are on the other side, listening.

Tell us; What topics interest you? What do you want us to talk about the next post?


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