If you have doubts about using wood inner linings or another type of finish on your next project maybe this post can be of help.

When it comes to finishing an architectural, building or decorative project you can always expose the main materials used in ceilings and walls (brick, concrete, etc…) or cover them with inner linings made of different materials: metal, stone and plaster… Today we will talk about wood inner linings and the advantages they offer:


The 7 advantages of using wood inner linings in your projects 21. Acoustic absorption: without a doubt, it is one of the main advantages offered by the use of wood inner linings in a project. Combining wood’s inherent sound-absorbent properties with special technical machining to achieve varying degrees of sound absorption (see Spigotec models) will result in wood inner linings which are optimal for the acoustic conditioning of any type of room.

2. Wide range of options: The available range of colours and models is immense in every range, melamine, natural wood or lacquered. In addition, being a manufacturer, Spigogroup can serve any type of special order with custom panelling on demand.

3. Easy cleaning: All finishes feature optimal porosity levels for increased cleanability and hygienic maintenance.

4. Fire resistant: Spigotec wood panelling is available with fire-retardant properties when a project requires it to comply with European regulations according to the UNE-EN-ISO13501-1

5. Moisture resistant: with the right treatment and depending on the type of base board selected, wood panelling can also offer a high level of moisture resistance.

6. Impact resistant: Wood panelling and finishing materials offer great resistance to impact, providing ideal protection for walls, beams and columns against daily wear.

7. Easy disassembly: Spigotec panelling offers ease and speed of assembly and disassembly, undoubtedly a key factor in facility maintenance.


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