Again this year our blog has shown a frenetic activity with the weekly publication of articles about decorating with wood and acoustics. We have recounted the projects carried out this year with our acoustic panels and interior wood cladding, we have explored the market trends and we have also written a lot about more technical aspects that have to do with the choice of models and their installation.

These are the 25 most-read articles about decorating with wood and acoustics for 2021:


Trends and News


Decorating trends for 2021, the year of hope

The three most popular wood acoustic solutions in 2021

Colour acoustic panels and 2021 Colour of the Year

12 series and documentaries about architecture, design and decoration you cannot miss

Sustainable wood cladding, more than just a fad                                                                          

Why has the price of wood risen so much? 6 reasons and 3 consequences – Part 1                    

Why has the price of wood risen so much? 6 reasons and 3 consequences – Part 2

CasaDecor2021 confirms wood and acoustics as trends in interior design

5 places in your office where to show your love of wood






–  What is acoustic comfort? Is it affected by reverberation? What is acoustic conditioning for?

Acoustic panels for doctors’ surgeries and waiting rooms

5 Reasons to choose to install acoustic panels

Acoustics in schools and speech clarity

What is the Lombard Effect or Lombard Reflex?                

Acoustic panels in hotels, what do they contribute?

Acoustic conditioning of town halls or council houses




Projects in 2021


Spigoline wood slats for the new Rabat bus station

Fitted acoustic panels. The case of Bodegas Barón de Ley

Project in wood and winery technical doors for Bodegas Piérola and Hotel FyA

5 Examples of conference rooms with perfect acoustics




Models and Installation


Elements included in the standard kits for Spigodoor laminated HPL technical doors

 Wood cladding panels – Varnishes and treatments                                                                       

Sizes and 4 options for linear wood slat cladding

Corrugated wood panels: concave or convex

Acoustic MDF Boards, What are they? What are they for?