01 paneles para techos ceiling panels panneaux de plafondSpigotec ceiling panels are responsible for acoustic comfort and aesthetic embellishment in thousands of interior design and decoration projects across the world.

Nowadays, at the end of a building, it is common to leave the ceiling of the rooms without finishing and even with facilities (pipes, cables, etc.) in plain view. Ceilings are the usual location for electricity, lighting, air conditioning, public address, communications and home automation systems that are normally adapted to the needs of each project. They are also a key item in the visual aspect of a space. Therefore, one of the first tasks when starting a decoration and interior design project is usually the selection and installation of ceiling panels.

Ceiling panels have a triple function. First, they hide the building’s facilities and improve the aspect of the room. Second, they offer a very wide area of acoustic absorption that can be used for the acoustic conditioning of the room. Third, they constitute a false ceiling that shortens the height of the room and reduces the amount of air that you need to heat or cool to achieve thermal comfort.

Los paneles de madera Spigotec, especialmente diseñados para la mejora acústica y estética de techos, son la solución perfecta para todas estas necesidades:

Spigotec wood panels, specially designed for the acoustic and aesthetic improvement of ceilings, are the perfect solution for all these needs:

  • All our wood panels combine design and functionality and contribute to create better acoustic conditions and good interior enviroments
  • The characteristics and packaging off all our products offer the best conditions for the transport, manipulation and storage.
  • The dimension of acoustic panels are standard. Not only does it facilitate the assembly but also the visual homogeneity seems impeccable.
  • Spigotec wood panels accomplish all the certifications, homologations and existing rules which guarantee the quality of our products.
  • Spigotec wood panels count on the price-quality ratio in an unbeatable deadline. The finishes are perfect and the result incredible.


02 paneles para techos ceiling panels panneaux de plafond.

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