01 Paneles acústicos de color Colour acoustic panels Panneaux acoustiques colorésColour acoustic panels are a special material and their use is not widespread. The truth is that most of the orders for acoustic panels we receive are with wood finishes. They convey elegance and refinement, warmth and a sense of comfort. Nonetheless, we do offer the option of opting for colour finishes for different special visual results.

Decorators know well the power of using colour in an interior design project. The colour chosen can define the atmosphere of an establishment and will actually influence the mood of shoppers. It can even affect the perception you have about the size or proportions of a place.

Commercial brands know how important colours are and will often pick a certain colour that consumers will readily identify with that particular brand. So, practically everyone can recognise the Vodafone red or Facebook blue. Some brands have patented their colours, like the Coca-Cola red and the UPS brown, and others have put their name to the Pantone colour that represents them, like the Tiffany Blue and its Pantone code Tiffany 1837. Others like Orange and Jazztel have spent years in court fighting for the exclusive use of the orange colour they both use.

If you are a decorator or interior designer and you have a project for an establishment, restaurant, local, shop or office of a brand that needs to make special use of colour you do not have to give up the acoustic comfort offered by Spigogroup acoustic panels. Tell us your needs and we will match the colour acoustic panels of whichever RAL, PANTONE or NCS colour you choose.





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