01 acústica integral de edificios comprehensive building acoustics acoustique globale des bâtiments

When we talk about comprehensive building acoustics we refer to the discipline that ensures that the different values of acoustic comfort of a building are optimal for users. The values encompassed by comprehensive building acoustics have their technical translation in the world of acoustics. So, when we talk about preventing external noises from invading the interior of a space we talk about soundproofing, and when it comes to avoiding the slight permanence of sound, or reverberation, which hinders the understanding of messages, conversations or discourses, we refer to acoustic conditioning.

Reverberation is when a sound stays around longer than normal, making it difficult to hear and properly understand messages. Explained in a more technical manner, “reverberation time ” is the time it takes for the sound to decay by 60 dB as received stood the sound emission source stops.

Reverberation can be a desirable property, for example in auditoriums, to the extent that it helps to overcome the drop in sound intensity in the room. However, if it is excessive, the sound becomes confusing. In smaller rooms where it is not necessary to maintain the sound intensity, reverberation would not produce any benefit. In both cases it must be measured and controlled.

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