paneles decorativos para paredes decorative panels for walls panneaux décoratifs pour cloisons 2Spigoplank decorative panels for walls and ceilings have attracted a lot of interest from architects, decorators and interior designers since their launch a few weeks ago. The reason may be that Spigoplank decorative wood panels offer superb quality, numerous application options and quick, easy installation. Or simply because, once they are in place, they look great.

Spigoplank decorative cladding is made of solid obeche or samba wood. Obeche wood is native to the western jungles of Central Africa and is known by different names depending on the country: wawa in Ghana, obeche in Nigeria, ayous in Cameroon and samba in the Ivory Coast. It grows naturally, but the wood used in Spigoline comes from regulated, sustainable plantations that guarantee an environmentally-friendly source.

This wood is ideal for interior cladding, and comes in light hues ranging from creamy whites to pale yellowish whites. It has a straight, occasionally interlacing, medium-full grain and is not very impregnable. It is also a light wood, with an apparent density of 0.38 kg/m³ at 12% humidity. With regard to dimensional stability, it has the following characteristics:

  • Very stable wood with a contraction coefficient of 0.33 %.
  • No tendency to cup with a 1.73% contraction ratio
  • Hardness (Chalais-Meudon) 1.2 soft wood
  • Static bending strength 620 kg/cm³
  • Modulus of elasticity 59,500 kg/cm³
  • Compressive strength 285 kg/cm³
  • Parallel tensile strength 480 kg/cm³

If another type of finish is desired, any dye can be applied to the natural obeche wood, with the option of using other wood colours or RAL single-colour references. Spigoplank decorative panels for walls and ceilings are also available in other solid woods on request.


paneles decorativos para paredes decorative panels for walls panneaux décoratifs pour cloisons 01


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