01 techo decorativo decorative ceilings plafond décoratifDecorative wood ceilings play a key role in the décor and features of any space. That is the reason why the chosen hue or finish, the type of installation, the shapes and models of ceiling tiles or the acoustic performance required of decorative ceilings condition the final choice. All these aspects also affect the luminosity, visual environment and sound clarity of the room.

So, if you want decorative wood ceilings in your project, what are your choices?


  • Standard wood ceilings: these are wood ceilings that are placed directly on the original ceiling or framework, just like any other wood panelling. They differ from false ceilings in that they do not leave a space between the wood ceiling and the original ceiling. There is an enormous number of finishes to suit your decorating requirements.




  • 02 techo decorativo decorative ceilings plafond décoratifWood slat ceilings: they consist of wood slats, which bring order, cleanliness, perspective and a sensation of modernity. There are also acoustic models.



  • Acoustic island ceilings: these come in layers at different heights that provide an aesthetic identity and dynamics beyond the acoustic purpose for which they were designed.


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