02 Paneles acústicos E1 acoustic panels panneaux acoustiques classés E1All sound-absorbent wood panels in the Spigogroup catalogues are E1 acoustic panels. This is very important and we explain why.

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound used for the formulation of synthetic resins and adhesives, often employed in the manufacture of boards derived from wood such as plywood and medium density fibreboard or MDF. The problem is that formaldehyde is continuously emitted by a board throughout its life and it has been linked to an increased risk of cancer in humans.

To control product emissions of formaldehyde, there is a European standard, EN 13986, which classifies the boards as E1 (emissions equal to or less than 3.5 mg/m²h) and E2 (emissions greater than 3.5 mg/m²h) depending on the milligrams of formaldehyde released per hour and per square metre of board.

The manufacturing basis of Spigogroup wood panels is medium density fibreboard or MDF, a material made from compacted wood fibres that are combined with waxes and resins and subjected to high temperature pressing processes. These boards can also receive flame retardant treatments to offer an improved reaction to fire or water-repellent treatments to adapt their use to humid environments.

The medium density or MDF fibre boards that Spigogroup uses in its inner linings and acoustic panels have very low formaldehyde emissions. Therefore, Spigogroup acoustic panels also have very low formaldehyde emissions and fall into the E1 class. This means that Spigogroup E1 acoustic panels are suitable for use in interiors in public and community buildings, homes and workplaces, and meet emission levels required by current regulations and most construction and decoration projects. In the case of more demanding projects we can also manufacture E0 acoustic panels with zero or near-zero formaldehyde emissions.


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