DEST 318 taquillas sanitarias changing room lockers casiers sanitaires Furniture for sports facilitiesFurniture for sports facilities is also part of the offer that gyms, spas, sports centres, pelota courts and swimming pools make available to their customers. Nowadays, it is just as important to have good classrooms, swimming pools and fitness machines as it is to be able to offer good sports furniture in changing rooms and toilets. That is why these businesses pay close attention to the quality of the furniture for sports facilities.

What do users expect from furniture for sports facilities?

  • First of all, they look for comfort. Changing clothes or showering after sports is not an end in itself, it is rather a process that many consider the most cumbersome part of the whole session, so the sports furniture of a changing room must offer comfort: adequate and sufficient spaces in the phenolic cabins of showers and changing rooms, phenolic benches to be able to sit or lean on, racks for hanging clothes, shelves to leave footwear, etc.
  • Of course, they also look for privacy and security: it is essential that both phenolic lockers and phenolic cabins have good locks that guarantee our privacy and the security of our belongings.
  • Finally, everyone takes the cleanliness and good condition of the sports furniture as unquestionable. This point is essential. How many people have dropped out of a gym or pool because the changing rooms were not clean, or were clean but did not look clean? To ensure the utmost hygiene, it is advisable to use sports furniture manufactured with phenolic panel, because it is non-porous and easier to clean and, in addition, it is particularly resistant to moisture, wear and impacts.


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