All accessible ceilings and acoustic ceilings and every false ceiling made by Spigogroup and its wood ceilings division, Spigotec, offer an easy, fast assembly.

Accessible ceilings consists of wood panels supported by a grid that allow you to take any panel out and put it in again as many times as you want. This type of false ceiling is ideal for integrating accessories such as air vents, fire or safety sensors, lighting, speakers, etc. and, while the same time, hiding other elements such as ventilation ducts, electrical or data wiring, pipes, etc… In addition, if the wood panels used for the accessible ceilings are acoustic panels, i.e., if they have the necessary slots or holes to ensure a certain level of sound absorption, then the accessible ceilings also serve as acoustic ceilings.

How are Spigogroup accessible ceilings, acoustic ceilings and false ceiling mounted?

First, a grid consisting of profiles is installed. You can choose between 4 types of profiles:


– Concealed on T-24 mm

– Semi-concealed on T-15 and T-24 mm

– Fileline on T-15 mm

– Exposed on T-15 and 24 mm


Then choose the model that you want from more than 30 wood panels or acoustic panels that make up the extensive Spigogroup – Spigotec catalogue, and decide which special wood panels you need for lighting, speakers, or vents, and if you need a perimeter beam closure.

The rest? As simple as placing the different wood panels or acoustic panels wherever you want in your grid to complete the accessible ceilings in your office or workplace.

Here you can consult the Spigogroup – Spigotec catalogue of wood panels and acoustic panels


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