01 interiorismo en madera

Interior design in wood has experienced significant growth in our country in recent years. It is not only the increasingly common wood interior cladding on the walls or the striking wood ceilings used in some offices. Wood decoration affects all the elements in a space, including small pieces of furniture and those apparently insignificant details that make the difference.

The main reason for this choice is that wood makes spaces more welcoming. It transmits sensations of warmth and serenity. But in the times of coronavirus lockdown we are discovering another powerful reason. Because wood brings us closer to nature, which we cannot access right now. Of all the materials commonly used in construction and decoration, wood is the only one that was once alive. Its contemplation reminds us of that primordial link with our natural environment that many of us have lost, immersed in our cosmopolitan life of glass and concrete.

The characteristics of this material and the connection with nature provided by wood interior design offer a number of benefits. The colours of the wood cheer up and bring joy. And contact with wood gives us security and a feeling of being protected. Wood reminds us of huts and shelters, of the warmth of home.

Would you like to incorporate wood into your next decoration or interior design project? Write to us at comercial@spigogroup.com and we will tell you about all the possibilities.


02 interiorismo en madera .

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