02 puertas oficina office doors portes de bureauThe Office Doors category includes the door models most commonly used in workplaces. Their versatility and resistance coupled with the added decorative value provided by wood, makes wood office doors the most popular choice.

Spigogroup specialises in wood solutions for acoustics and construction, and Spigodoor, the division that manufactures technical doors, offers an extensive catalogue of wood office doors, available in a wide range of finishes, particularly HPL laminates (including Formica and Fundermax) with their superb resistance to impact and scratching.

These are the three types of office doors made of wood most commonly used today:

  • Basic Series Doors: They are the simplest and most popular office doors used at any point or room in an office. They come with a low density particle board or high density polystyrene core, and are available with edges made of exposed plywood, PVC or compact edges or solid jamb.
  • Sound Series Doors: They are acoustic doors or soundproof doors, specially designed to insulate and prevent the transmission of sound between adjoining offices, helping to achieve privacy and comfort at work. In workplaces, technical doors are particularly used in offices, boardrooms or meeting rooms and small auditoriums. You can opt for 4 levels of soundproofing: 32 dB, 34 dB, 38 dB and 42 dB.
  • Fire Series Doors: FR doors or fire doors are those capable of delaying the spread of fire from one room to another, and their use is set by legal and regulatory requirements relating to safety in building construction. FR doors are available as RF30 or RF60 with fire resistance of 30 or 60 minutes, respectively.




01 puertas oficina office doors portes de bureau.


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