photo-1439886183900-e79ec0057170-mediumSustainable wood panels are destined to be the leading figures in the new, more environmentally friendly, architecture and the resources it offers. This new green architecture, sustainable architecture or eco-friendly architecture is one that takes into account the use of resources (energy, natural resources, …), the environmental impact (both in use and in production) and the specific risks for the safety of people.

It is true that when we think about pollution and environmental degradation the first thing that comes to mind are the tailpipes of cars, oil slicks or belching smokestacks of factories and industries. However, buildings and the construction sector can consume between 20% and 50% of the physical resources of their environment. It is the duty of all who work in this activity (architects, builders, material manufacturers, etc.) to put an end to these bad habits acquired during decades of wasting natural resources and introduce the use of materials, such as sustainable wood panels, which help reduce the environmental impact of a building.

This is because, to begin with, wood is the material with the least environmental impact in its production and life cycle. And it is also easily recyclable. But, in addition, sustainable wood panels like the ones manufactured by Spigogroup have PEFC and FSC certifications. These certifications guarantee that the wood used comes from sustainably managed forests and that the wood panel has also been prepared by a manufacturer who guarantees that a PEFC or FSC chain of custody system is maintained right through to the end product.

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Revestimiento de madera FSCPaneles de madera sostenible para una arquitectura sustentable - Sustainable wood panels for a sustainable architecture - Panneaux bois durables pour une architecture soutenable tronRevestimiento de madera PEFC


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