The use of wood cladding and wood ceilings in schools in Austria and other central and northern European countries is not unusual. At the end of the day, they are areas with roots in the use of wood in construction and decoration.

Following, we provide you with 5 good examples of the use of wood in the design of Austrian schools and nurseries.



Bilding, is a unique facility for aesthetic education and creative stimulation of children and young people, built in 2015 in Innsbruck. The project counted on the collaboration of numerous companies and was possible thanks to the free work of structural engineers, architects and expert planners. Of particular note are the light wood walls and wood ceilings throughout the interior of the building, which provide a warm atmosphere, free of distractions.

Photos by Günter R.Wett and information obtained from






Klaus secondary school

This is a very special project built in 2014 on the previous school of the town of Klaus that sought to reduce the building’s energy consumption. With a cost of only 3% over that of conventional building, a 70% reduction in energy costs was achieved. Wood, in different shades, is present in the wood slats of the façade and on the ceilings of the main rooms.

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Baslergasse primary school

In this school in Vienna, the design ceilings and walls are made of laminated wood and, in general, the entire building is built with prefabricated wood components, thus contributing to the sustainability and efficiency of resources.

Photos by Hertha Hurnaus and information obtained from and KIRSCH Architecture






Solarcity kindergarten

Another clear example of the use of wood cladding and wood ceilings in schools in Austria. Again, the use of ecological solid wood in the interior guarantees a long life and a positive contribution to sustainability.

Photos by Elisabeth Grebe and information obtained from and X architekten







St. Johann-Köppling kindergarten

The St. Johann-Köppling kindergarten was designed in 2011 by Reitmayr Architekten, starting from the typical, and very versatile, gabled structure. The interiors are very bright and combine wood with other colder materials.

Photos by Paul Ott and information obtained from and Reitmayr Architekten




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