03 placa de falso techo de madera wood false ceiling tile dalle de faux plafond bois

When selecting a model of wood false ceiling tile for a space in a building yu need to take into account different aspects. According to the characteristics of the chosen ceiling tiles these may perform one function or another and also meet project requirements, or fail to do so. These are some of the features that a wood false ceiling tile can have.

  • Discreet and aesthetically pleasing: if what you want is that the ceiling does not overwhelm or seem to be about to fall on your head, you should use wood panels that are discreet. At this point, wood is always a safe bet: it brings elegance, warmth and a wide variety of colours.
  • Acoustic absorption: the use of a wood false ceiling gives you the opportunity to undertake the acoustic conditioning of the room if you use sound-absorbent tiles or acoustic panels.
  • Moisture resistance: if the panels have a water repellent treatment they will last longer in a humid environment.
  • Fire resistance: in addition to complying with legal requirements, using flame retardant tiles allows you to have one more ally against the spread of fire.
  • Easy to assemble: this lowers installation costs and facilitates replacement when undertaking a reform.
  • Easy to clean: the first day does not matter but, as time goes by, this aspect becomes more important.
  • Eco-friendly: opting for a false ceiling tile that uses wood with FSC or PEFC certifications guarantees that it comes from sustainably managed forests and that the project is committed to respecting the environment.


04 placa de falso techo de madera wood false ceiling tile dalle de faux plafond bois



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