The use of wood in ceilings is ancient. In the early days of architecture all roofs and ceilings in buildings were made of wood because it was a much lighter material than stone or brick. The big catch was that it burned easily, and more so in those buildings lit by candles, torches and oil lamps. Few ancient wood ceilings have survived to this day. Some were devoured by parasites and others by flames.

However, we maintain our taste and predilection for a material as elegant as wood. Even in the most modern designs we choose wood in ceilings and walls because of the elegance and warmth it brings to the whole.

These are 5 good examples of projects that chose to use wood in ceilings and got it right:



madera en techos



  • The geometric ceilings of the Saudi Press Agency in Riyadh consist of prisms of Spigotec Leo 16 and Spigotec Smooth panels finished in cherry wood veneer.


Saudi Press Agency



  • The ceiling that joins the wall in the offices of the Fundación Laboral para la Construcción in Logroño made with Spigoacustic wood cladding finished in varnished oak.


Madera en techos



  • The Bilbao City Hall Mayors’ Room with its spectacular ceiling of Spigoline Grid 5-15-70-55 wood slats finished in stained obeche wood.


Wood in ceilings



  • The offices of the Berriozar Town Council and its spaces crowned by elegant Spigoacustic acoustic ceilings.


Madera en techos Wood in ceilings


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