Spigoline PET System wood slat insulation consists of solid natural obeche wood slats arranged in parallel with an eco-friendly insulating panel with high thermal and acoustic performance, made of 80% recycled polyester fibres, 100% recyclable and with a low carbon footprint.

Revestimientos flexibles de lamas de madera destThe main utility of this type of acoustic panels is the combination of a high level of sound absorption, ideal for insulation and acoustic conditioning works, with the warm and modern aesthetics of wood.

Choosing Spigoline PET System wood slat insulation also provides another aesthetic advantage over similar products available on the market. It uses solid natural obeche wood laths.

This means that, as it is solid wood and not post-finished chipboard or wood fibre panels, Spigoline PET System cladding has the same appearance on all sides of the lath.

This point may not seem important but it is key to understanding the final appearance of a ceiling or wall with this cladding. When you stand in front of it, you see the front face of the lath but, when you walk across the room, what you see are the sides. If the front face is finished but the sides are unfinished and only show the chipboard or wood fibre base when cut, it looks odd and fails to meet the decorative expectations of the cladding.

With the Spigoline PET System this does not happen. The appearance of the solid wood is uniform on all three visible faces (front and sides) from any position, providing the desired decorative harmony.



Lamas de madera con PET


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