As could not be otherwise, wood slat panels have also conquered the hearts of German architects and decorators. As in the rest of Europe, the new German architecture has been moving towards the use of more wood, both in the construction of houses and in buildings of all types. It is therefore quite normal to find more than just inner linings and wood ceilings. You can also discover walls and façades made with wood slat panels.

Environmental awareness, the need to provide more energy-efficient constructions, and the control of light or ventilation in buildings required by building standards such as the Passivhaus, are turning the wood slat panels into one of today’s booming solutions in the construction sector.

Below are 8 examples of the use of wood slat panels in the new architecture that is currently being developed in Germany.



1.- Wood house by KÜHNLEIN Architektur

Home built in Bavaria, practically entirely of wood, by the KÜHNLEIN Architektur Architects studio

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2.- Detached House

Traditional single-family house with a double garage and no basement designed by the CAMA A studio

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3.- Coesfeld-Lette Parking Garage

Spectacular wood façade in this building by the young German architects Liza Heilmeyer and Stephan Birk for the business campus of the Ernsting family in Coesfeld Lette (Westphalia).

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4.- M house

Detached house in the center of Berlin that uses wood slat panels to protect it from the heat and sunlight during the summer.

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5.- Community Center for Jochen-Klepper-Haus

Building with robust wood slats to connect its interior with a gorgeous wooded exterior.

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6.- Wasserwacht lifeboat station

Curious project built in Munich in which they used wood slat panels to guarantee the entrance of natural light in all the rooms of the building.

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7.- Urban House on the Tree

Berlin homes built in harmony with nature.

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8.- Centre for Early Excellence in Munich

Nursery for 120 children built in 2013 by Boesel Benkert Hohberg Architects

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