Wood slats are a differentiator for walls. In an architectural ecosystem in which brick, concrete and glass predominate, finding wood slats on the façade of a building is a refreshing aesthetic change, and even more so if it is a home

Moreover, from a building point of view, wood slats for façades provide a number of advantages. For example, they play with the light that enters the building, providing interior luminosity while sheltering it from the heat in the summer. They also allow for air movement and circulation, which helps to ventilate the house. This makes façade wood slats also a perfect ally for projects seeking greater energy efficiency in a building.

You can find many examples of good use of wood slats for façades in houses worldwide, but this time we have focused on France.


1.- La Canopée Collective Eco-housing Estate


A set of 50 homes built in Bayonne, the work of architect Patrick Arotcharen and Carole Magot . Wood, steel and concrete were used in response to a desire to reduce the architectural impact on the landscape.

Information and pictures from arotcharen-architecte.fr


2.- Aquitanis Collective Housing Estate


Work by Marjan Hessamfar & Joe Vérons Architectes in Floirac, which includes 36 apartments in an archetypal building model reminiscent of Monopoly houses.

Information and pictures from hessamfar-verons.fr




3.- La Fresque


Student residence in Versailles, work by Ithaques and Atelier WRA, with a ‘wood skin’ reflecting the neighbouring forest.

Information and pictures from wildrabbits.fr




4.- Dunkerque housing estate

Wood cladding and wood slats for walls and stairs in this project by Pierre Frinault and David Jouquand, of the RemingtonStyle studio, in the city of Dunkirk.

Information and pictures from remingtonstyle.com



5.- Grenelle

Extraordinary façade made solely of wood slats in a 35 home residence building designed by Périphériques Architectes in Paris.

Information and pictures from peripheriques-architectes.com




6.- Vivienda R

Wood slats that make a difference in a detached house in Anglet, work by Gardera-D Architecture

Information and pictures from gardera-d.com



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