Spigogroup develops and produces acoustical conditioning solutions and wood acoustic solutions with a high technical and aesthetic level. Furthermore we offer a wide range of multifunctional products such as technical doors and Phenolic carpentry.



Investigation, development, high technical capacity and constant innovation are the unavoidable fields in Spigogroup as pioneering in the sector. We have leading equipment and the most advanced technology, which enable us to innovate every day to contribute the best solutions to each project and customer.


Spigogroup relies on a human team formed by professionals with high experience and enterprising and young people who are the warranty of good service for today and success for tomorrow. Experience, work capacity and service vocation are the qualities that distinguish the group of professionals that make up the company.


Spigogroup has the most modern installations that cover 7.500 m², where we use cutting-edge machinery and technology to create products which can be suited to each projects’ needs. The important infrastructure of the company (project offices, acoustic engineering, technical department…) and flexibility of production fully optimized permit us to offer high competitive solutions.


Some years ago, we decided to go a step further and stay closer to our clients in their everyday life. From now on, we are undertaking this new setting 2.0 with an active and uninterrupted attitude. Nevertheless, our aim is not only to inform, but also to bet on interaction and invest in trusting relationship through social networks, blogs, SEO positioning, ad words, displays, etc…


Preserving the environment for future generations is an important challenge and Spigo try to be respectful with the production of sustainable and competitive products, minimizing the size of its ecological footprint and maintain the quality of air throughout their life-cycle.


Engineering, architects, interior designers, distributors, installers, wholesalers, developers, construction companies, other prescribers, final customers.


We are achieving great brand recognition at international level thanks to large-scale projects in the most important world’s capitals and through synergies created with our Spigocollaborators and our presence in the best fairs of the sector.


The quality management in the production process influences in the final quality of a construction space. Therefore, Spigogroup carries out our products according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, PEFC y FSC regulations, which support our commitment with environment, sustainable development of finishing activity and its good business management.


All these factors enable us to have a wide and variety range of products with service warranty, which has made Spigo into a prestigious, serious, innovative and reliable firm. We want to reaffirm our commitment to keep working on the same bases because the most of 30 years of experience and the most of 500 projects made each year speak for themselves.