Advantages of installing Spigo solutions

If you choose SPIGOGROUP, you will have the warranty to have the quality of an irreproachable service in wood ceiling installation. Professionalism, technical know-how and monitoring to solve in the best way any enquiry of our installers are our basic principles. Furthermore you will benefit from a large number of advantages of a firm with unique personality and important standing.
  • All of our products help to create the best work conditions for the installers.
  • The characteristics and assembly of our products offer the best conditions to the transport, handling and storage.
  • The measurements of acoustic panels and their profiles are standard.
  • This facilitates the method of installation and the visual homogeneity results perfect.
  • Spigogroup’s products are according to the current rules and certifications, which guarantee the quality of our products.
  • SPIGOGROUP purpose the best quality-price ratio. The finishes are perfect and the result is impeccable.

Wood ceiling installation – The installer’s portal

General conditions for storage, installation, final usage, manufacturing tolerances, variation in finishes, maintenance, and cleaning.


  • The material should be unpacked immediately before installation. The original packaging is designed for indoor storage only and does not protect the material from rain, humidity, impacts…
  • MDF and solid wood products will naturally expand and contract when environmental conditions change (temperature and humidity). To ensure the adequate adaptation of the products to environmental conditions, it is recommended to store them on site where they will be installed for 48 hours before installation.
  • Standard environmental conditions at installation and usage are defined as: air temperature between 18 and 30º C, relative air humidity between 30% and 65%. Sudden changes in air temperature or relative air humidity may affect the materials and cause them to expand and contract.
  • These products are not conceived to bear loads. No load or weight, of any kind (lighting, electrical wiring, HVAC, pictures or posters…), must be placed on the materials.
  • The materials are suitable for indoor storage, installation, and usage only, unless written agreement otherwise.
  • Spigogroup act as suppliers only. In the event of a claim being made on the quality of the products supplied, the company’s responsibility will go no further than the refund or replacement of the material accepted as being faulty at the time of supply and not during or after assembly.
  • Cleaning should be carried out with a damp cloth. Never use abrasive or silicon-based products.

Particular conditions for MDF board products (Spigotec, Spigoacustic only)

  • Tolerances on dimensions per panel as measured upon manufacturing at our factory may vary by +/- 0.4% in both length and width, depending to the particular MDF board used.
  • In standard environmental conditions, an expansion joint of 1-2 mm per each meter of the installed material must be kept, to cover for normal expansion or contraction of the materials. For non-standard environmental conditions, other solutions may be available upon written agreement from Spigogroup’s Technical Department.
  • Fire-retardant and moisture resistant MDF boards can show red and green tonalities due to the components used to lend these characteristics to the boards and cannot constitute a defect in the material.
  • In the case of suspended ceiling installations with concealed profile grid, and due to physical-mechanical movements caused by changes in temperature or humidity, small rises or differences in height between adjacent panels may occur. In this case, it is recommended that the panels that produce these visual inequalities are shimmed with spacer(s), without this constituting a defect in the material.
  • For natural wood veneer finishes only: wood being a natural material, small differences in hue or grain are inherent to this material and cannot constitute a defect in the material.
  • For metallic melamine/HPL finishes and lacquered finishes: artificial lighting incidence or type, especially LED lighting, can result in apparent hue differences between adjacent panels. Differences in hue or finish must be assessed in natural lighting only.

Particular conditions for solid wood products (Spigoline, Spigoplank only).

  • Wood being a natural material, small differences in hue or grain are inherent to this material and cannot constitute a defect in the material.
  • Tolerances in length for Spigoline and Spigoplank products are +/- 3 mm.
  • For Spigoline panels, a lengthwise expansion and installation joint of 10 mm must be kept between ends of adjacent panels.

Do you have any questions about a good wood ceiling installation or maintenance?

Do not hesitate to contact with our Technical Department.

Wood ceiling installation – The installer’s portal