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Archidona Town Hall (Malaga)

The acoustic conditioning of town halls is carried out by attending individually to each of the different rooms that comprise the building.

Nowadays a town hall is more than just a meeting room and offices to attend to citizens. Town halls often offer local residents cultural facilities such as exhibition halls, auditoriums or multi-purpose rooms for various activities to be carried out by groups in the municipality. In addition, it is particularly important to have noble halls and waiting rooms that reflect the history and importance of the town. Each type of room has a different use and there is a different way of dealing with its acoustic conditioning. Although, in all cases, having a good design and good acoustics is paramount.

Corridors, offices, council rooms and meeting rooms need good acoustic comfort to allow for clear conversations and comfortable sound environments. This was achieved in the acoustic conditioning project of the Berriozar Town Hall (Navarre) with the installation, in these rooms, of Spigoacustic wood acoustic panels.

On other occasions the point of intervention is the municipal auditorium. Spigoacustic acoustic panels veneered in sucupira and white melamine were used in the Archidona Town Hall (Malaga). In the Logroño Town Hall, Spigotec Virgo 74 sound-absorbentwood panelling finished in beech was installed.

In all cases we seek excellence in customer service, starting by offering, as a starting point, the best installations with the best acoustics.

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Berriozar Town Hall (Navarre)


Logroño Town Hall



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