Cabinas fenólicas a medida 2Custom phenolic cabins are the ideal solution for partitioning sanitary spaces without the need for building work. The Spigogroup Spigocompac sports furniture brand manufactures lockers, benches, worktops, coat racks, partitions and sanitary cubicles made of phenolic panel. As manufacturers we can go beyond the standard catalogue sizes and offer custom solutions suited to the requirements of any project.

Phenolic or sanitary cabins, are useful and practice for making distance between lockers room and toilets. So the privacy of users is preserved. They are manufactured with Phenolic panels of 12 mm of thickness, are water-resistant, fire-resistant and antibacterial. High resistance against scratch wears impact, chemical products. Surface is non-porous, dirt does not adhere to it. Simple maintenance.

Spigocompac offers 5 types of phenolic sanitary cubicles for showers, changing rooms and bathrooms: simple cabin, adapted and special door cabin, double cabin, tripe cabin and tripe cabin with sliding door. Combining the various phenolic cabins allows for the design of any changing room distribution in office and company premises or sports facilities. We can also custom manufacture, so the final project can be adapted to any space and dimension requirement, making the most of the available space and adjusting to any obstacle or irregularity in the room.

Similarly, catalogue colours (red, grey, yellow, white, blue and green) can be replaced by any other if we manufacture the phenolic panel for the project to order.

If you wish to send a query or request a quote, do not forget to take measurements and correctly calculate the square meters you need.


Cabinas fenólicas a medida como medir


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