paneles de madera ranurados VERTICALSlotted wood panels are a trending contemporary design for ceilings and interior walls, and even furniture. They add texture, depth and warmth, and are commonly used to highlight a particular area, either on a whole wall or part of it. In fact, in office and workplace design it is used for zoning and creating focal points, optimising space and instantly giving the feeling of higher quality.

The installation pattern of slotted wood panels plays a key role in the visual perception of spaces. Placed vertically, they achieve an effect of greater height and scale, making the ceiling appear higher. When installed horizontally, they tend to visually reduce the height and create the impression that the room is wider.

In addition, opting for wood, a product of natural origin that puts the user in contact with nature, offers benefits for human health by reducing stress, promoting peacefulness and increasing feelings of comfort. In addition, wood can be a sustainable option if it comes from responsibly-managed forests.

To achieve this type of finish on walls and ceilings, you can use factory-grooved panels, such as those offered by the Spigoacustic brand, manufactured by Spigogroup. Spigoacustic wood panels also have a thermally-bonded, sound-absorbent veil on the hidden side to provide sound absorption. This makes them perfect for ensuring a room’s acoustic comfort or if you wish to undertake acoustic conditioning tasks.


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