revestimiento de lamas de madera con aislante de fieltro PET 01Spigogroup strengthens Spigoline’s catalogue offering with the launch of the PET System, a new type of wood slat cladding with PET felt insulation.

The new SPIGOLINE PET is an acoustic panel with a modern and timeless design that combines solid natural obeche wood slats arranged in parallel with an eco-friendly insulating panel with high thermal and acoustic performance, made of 80% recycled polyester fibres, 100% recyclable and with a low carbon footprint.

Its straight lines with solid obeche wood in combination with the felt back give it a great acoustic performance, notably improving absorption as well as providing thermal insulation. The new SPIGOLINE PET wood slat cladding combines sustainability, aesthetic appeal and easy installation, making it the ideal interior cladding for ceilings and walls.

It is very easy, quick and clean to assemble, as the low density obeche wood is very easy to handle and the PET felt can be easily cut with a normal saw, circular saw or jigsaw. In addition, the black felt is flexible, which allows the cladding to adapt easily to walls and curved areas, thus allowing it to participate in projects with more original and avant-garde designs.

The PET System comes with 4 different models (6-70-15-30, 10-30-35-30, 12-35-15-15 y 12-35-30-15) and, together with the 36 GRID system models, 12 ACOUSTIC system models and 22 LINEAR system models, they complete the extensive catalogue of Spigoline’s wide range of interior cladding solid wood slats.





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